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Equipotential Setup and Information


Student Stations

  • Power Supply
  • DMM
  • 2 Black wires, 2 Red Wires (Long)
  • Bar-bar equipotential board
  • Ring-ring equipotential board
  • Ruler






Instructor Stations

  • Stack of blank equipotential paper

lab equipment usedNew probe not shown

Setup Instructions

Student Stations

  1. Verify that all materials are present before proceeding to set up lab.
  2. Plug one black and one red wire into the DMM.
  3. Plug one black and one red wire into the power supply on first output, then connect to the edges of the ring-ring board.

  4. Verify all power supplies on memory 00

Instructor Station

  1. None

Teardown Notes

  1. Visually check the boards for any broken links/damage before putting away.


In Progress / Beta