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Forces Part 1 Setup and Information

Setup Time Estimates

Setup Time Estimates
Initials of Tech Doing Setup Time Taken Notes


Student Stations

  • 1 Force table
    • Including ring with strings
  • 3 Pulleys
  • 1 Pasco mass and hanger set (Blue box)
  • 1 Force probe w/platform
  • 1 Black metal bar

Instructor Stations

  • None

lab equipment used

Setup Instructions

Student Stations

  1. Verify that all materials are present before proceeding to setup lab.
  2. Plug in Force probe to logger pro
    1. Place probe on desk with platform facing upward, do not place anything on the probe.
  3. Properly connect pulleys to force table, at no particular angles.

Instructor Station

  1. Provide extra Pulleys and Mass Hangers at the instructor’s station.

Teardown Notes

  1. Heights of tables are staggered to properly fit in back cabinet.
  2. Check all blue boxes for a full set of masses and hangers.



0323a Docx

In Progress / Beta