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Impulse and Momentum Setup and Information

Setup Time Estimates

Setup Time Estimates
Initials of Tech Doing Setup Time Taken Notes
EL 1 hr 35 minutes includes Energy teardown


Student Stations

  • Track with 2 stop-brackets (One at each end )
  • One cart set for each station (One red, one blue)
  • String with 2 rubber bands (thick and thin)and Paper clip
  • 2 Motion sensors
  • 2 Signal Bouncers
  • Shaved Black Bar Mass.
  • Force Sensor w/eyehook (NOT w/platform. Do not remove platforms from force probes! See lab tech.)
  • 1 Short Lab Stand

Instructor Stations

  • None

impulse and momentum equipment

force probe setup

Setup Instructions

Student Stations

  1. Verify that all materials are present before proceeding to set up lab.
  2. Place tracks at the station matching their labelled numbers with ruler facing toward students
  3. For initial setup the 1st motion sensor should be connected to DIG/SONIC 1 and placed at the far end of the track with the cable wrapped around the track.
  4. The 2nd motion sensor should just be left sitting on the table.
  5. Run the rubber bands through the stop bracket and clip the paperclip onto the cart.
  6. Set the stop bracket by the force probe about 25cm from the edge of the hook so that the thin rubber band can be extended sufficiently without going through the hole.

Instructor Station

  1. None

Teardown Notes

  • None



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