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Standing Waves Setup and Information

Setup Time Estimates

Setup Time Estimates
Initials of Tech Doing Setup Time Taken Notes
EL 1 hour Includes density and buoyancy teardown


Student Stations

  • Black standing wave track
  • Metal pulley
  • Mass hanger
  • 1 Large mass set
  • 1 Small mass set
  • 2 kg mass
  • Padded box

Instructor Stations

  • None

lab equipment used

Setup Instructions

Student Stations

  1. Verify that all materials are present ebfore proceeding to set up the lab.
  2. Be sure numbers match station numbers so that the rulers properly align to students.

Instructor Station

  1. Digital mass scales available in room.
  2. Box of 10m lengths of string samples.

Teardown Notes

  • None
  • Samples of string have been replaced with sharing the following information:
    • Wired string                        5m@ 7.25 gm = 0,00146kg/m
    • Non-wired (black marks)  5m@ 2.20 gm = 0.00044 kg/m



E 6 pdf

In Progress / Beta