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Simple Harmonic Motion Setup and Information

Setup Time Estimates

Setup Time Estimates
Initials of Tech Doing Setup Time Taken Notes



Student Stations

  • 1 Parallel Spring Bracket
  • 1 Parallel Hook Bar
  • 1 Spring set in box (2 red, 2 blue, 2 green)
  • 1 Hooked mass set
  • Photogate (Lab Pro File: Pendulum Timer)
  • 1 Tall Stand
  • 1 Short Stand
    • with 90 degree clamp
  • Meter stick
  • C Clamp

Instructor Stations

  • None

desk parts stand

parallel hook bar

Setup Instructions

Student Stations

  1. Verify that all materials are present before proceeding to set up lab.
  2. Insure all springs are not deformed.
  3. Put the Parallel Spring bracket onto the tall stand.
    1. It may take some force to push it down, contact a tech if you can't get it.
    2. DO NOT HANG ANY SPRINGS, leave them all in the box.
  4. Put the photogate on the 90 degree bracket on the short stand as shown
  5. The Parallel Spring bracket should also have some blue masking tape over the left side, if not then put it there, cut it nicely.
    1. Leave the bracket near center of table so it isn't accidently knocked off.

Instructor Station

  1. None

Teardown Notes

  • Leave clamp and rod on stand.


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