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Thin Lenses Setup and Information


Student Stations

  • 1 Optical Bench
  • 1 Optical Bench Screen
  • 1 white half sheet of paper and clip
    • only for screen protection
  • 1 Pasco Light Source
  • 1 +200 Lens
  • 1 -150 Lens

Instructor Stations

  • Extra Paper
  • Extra Lenses (if any)

lab equipment used

*PASCO light source shown is outdated

Setup Instructions

Student Stations

  1. Verify that all materials are present before proceeding to set up the lab.
  2. All Pasco Light Sources are numbered and should be placed with their matching stations.
  3. Place light sources on side of power outlets nearest computer facing walls.
  4. Attach all optical screens to benches on the side farthest from computer.
  5. Attach the paper to the screen using the paperclip.
  6. Do not plug in Pasco Light Sources, they have no off switch. Unplug after use.

Instructor Station

  1. Place any extra paper and lenses at front station.

Teardown Notes

  1. Sort lenses accordingly, -150 to one side and +200 to another
  2. Benches and screens go above each station.
  3. Leave screen attached to the bench.
  4. Remove paper clips and collect all reusable paper, place these in middle cabinet.



In Progress / Beta