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Student Spotlight

Dustin Johnson, Erik Tarbell, and Christopher Romo publish their hidden-planet research with Professor Cheng

With a tour-de-force spectral analysis, these students along with Professor Cheng and her collaborators have re-evaluated all published Lambda-Boo star candidates and their available spectra.

Students Jessica Duron, Bobby Wright, Erik Muniz, and Adrian Avila-Alvarez present research at national conferences

Leigh Hargreaves and Morty Khakoo take Bobby to Hawaii and sponsor Jessica to Nebraska, while GWPAC director Josh Smith takes Erik and Adrian to Washington DC.

Physics major Phillipe Rodriguez wins business leadership awards

Phillipe takes home four top-place finishes in the state collegiate division of the California Business Leadership Conference Mar 27-29.

Physics major Adrian Avila-Alvarez takes his GWPAC collaboration on the road to Italy for the summer

Adrian has been working with Josh Smith and GWPAC this past year and earned a summer internship to Cascina and the Virgo gravitational-wave detector.

Physics Club President Bobby Wright makes local headlines hosting Bill Nye the Science Guy

As NSM-ICC President and graduating senior, Bobby helped bring Bill Nye to campus as the keynote speaker to end our two-day Science and Math Symposium Thursday March 20.

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