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Alumni Spotlight

What some of our recent alumni are doing

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Student Spotlight

What some of our students have been up to lately


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Lab Staff

Dr. Khakoo leads a team of highly motivated and extremely capable experimenters who perform research into electron scattering from fundamental targets.

Leigh HargreavesLeigh HargreavesDr. Leigh Hargreaves has come to Fullerton from the Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, where he explored experimental methods for studying electron scattering from short-lived free radicals. Leigh has also worked at the University of Adelaide studying electron ionization of rare gas atoms and buckyballs. He has joined the CSUF Physics department as a student research director and part-time lecturer. His favorite thing to do in the lab? Perform miracles with LabView.

Colin CampbellColin CampbellColin Campbell is a part-time faculty member of the CSUF Physics department, and he's the lab's technical expert. He loves to build things with his own hands while exhibiting supreme patience and open approachability towards his student assistants.

Joshua TannerJoshua TannerJoshua Tanner is a CSUF Physics graduate student. He loves to put the scientific knowledge he has learned so far into practical use whether it be through experimental physics or side projects. Understanding more about the world and seeing it in action is his goal!

Danny OrtonDanny OrtonDanny Orton is a CSUF undergraduate student double-majoring in Mathematics and Physics. Ask him about Portal 2, wakeboarding, or number theory -- all three subjects will likely net you an enthusiastic response. He will be traveling to Brazil with Colin Campbell this summer (2011) to visit Dr. Khakoo's colleagues in bioethanol research.

Alexs GaufAlexs GaufAlexs Gauf is another Physics/Mathematics double-major at CSU Fullerton. His keen insight and matter-of-fact attitude toward school make him a student researcher with considerable potential. He's a fan of House and is focused clearly on his academic and professional goals. His favorite thing to say, and always with a comical grin: "[whatever the topic of conversation is] is for suckers."

Amos JoAmos JoAmos Jo is pursuing a major in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. Inspired by a sudden change of heart, he has returned to school after eight years of full-time work to pursue a career in environmental science and sustainability. He's good at breaking things, especially if they are interesting things...

Kevin RalphsKevin RalphsKevin Ralphs is a Physics/Mathematics double-major at CSU Fullerton. Strong-willed and extremely bright, Kevin is known for his natural tendency to ace his classes... and give detailed lessons on physics and math to his peers.

But even Legends aren't perfect -- Kevin has earned a B+ at CSUF!

Zac Yauney is an intern from Troy High school who is interested in math and physics. He hopes that by completing an internship with Dr. Khakoo he will be one step closer to someday becoming a great physics researcher and Nobel Laureate.

Phillipe RodriguezPhillipe RodriguezPhillipe Rodriguez joined the CSUF team as an intern from Los Altos High School. He aspires to expand his knowledge of physics through constant experimentation and constantly works to grasp the concepts needed for success, working diligently toward the end result. He thanks Dr. Khakoo and his high school physics teacher,  Mr. Mark Hughes, for such a wonderful opportunity in the field of physics.

Gabby SernaGabby SernaGabriela Serna studies Physics and Mathematics at Cal State Fullerton. Her hardworking ethic has been noticed by professors at CSUF. She works as a lab assistant studying electron scatter with Dr. Khakoo and Dr. Hargreaves. In addition to electron scatter studies, Gabriela also works closely with Dr. Smith and Dr. Loverude on teaching strategies for Astronomy.

Cris Navarro is a Physics undergraduate at Cal State Fullerton working as a lab assistant for Dr. Khakoo and learning as much as he can in the process. Cris has also worked under Colin Campbell to organize and maintain a variety of lecture demonstrations which has given him a basic understanding oh physics phenomena.