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The Lab

Morty in the labMorty in the labDr. Khakoo's experimental research laboratory is located in the Science Laboratory Center, on the first floor of Dan Black Hall at CSU Fullerton. Completed in 1994, the SLC is a state-of-the-art research facility for exploration into most major branches of science, including atomic physics, laboratory astrophysics, and fiber optics.

One of the vacuum chambersOne of the vacuum chambersSeveral vacuum chambers house the various electron scattering test regions and represent the core elements of Dr. Khakoo's laboratory equipment. Three such chambers are present in the laboratory; low-energy electron spectrometers collimate, monochromate, and direct electrons onto gaseous targets, while a computer-monitored residual energy detector counts and registers scattered electrons.

Much of the equipment in Dr. Khakoo's lab has been donated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a close partner of the lab in the exploration of physical phenomena.

Leigh at the computerLeigh at the computerSeveral computers monitor and control 'round-the-clock experiments while recording precise measurements of experimental data. Sophisticated computerized data analysis enables the research team to extract meaningful physical conclusions from the raw data produced by these experiments. Finally, these computers provide tools for the research team to design new experimental equipment, write new proposals, and maintain the website.