Keith Wanser
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Keith Wanser

Professor of Physics

Fiber- and Quantum-Optical Science, Condensed Matter Physics


  • BA California State Unversity, Fullerton
  • MA University of California, Irvine
  • PhD University of California, Irvine

 B.A. California State Unversity, Fullerton

Research Interests

Dr. Wanser's research interests include fiber optic sensing techniques as well as other areas of basic and applied optics. He also has interests in experimental and theoretical condensed matter phyysics, and basic theories of matter. In the past few years he has carried out major revisions of our upper-division laboratory courses (PHYS481 and PHYS482) to introduce students to state-of-the-art experimental techniques in fiber optics, automated data acquisition and analysis, and sensor technology. His work on the PHYS481 course was funded by a National Science Foundation Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Grant. His research work has been funded by a number of grants from government agencies and private corporations. Several of Dr. Wanser's publications have included undergraduate student coauthors.