Ionel Tifrea
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Ionel Tifrea

Interim Department Chair, Professor of Physics

Masters Program Coordinator

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics




  • 2010 Faculty Achievement Award, Department of Physics, CSUF
  • 2007-2009 KITP Scholar UCSB
  • 2005 "Stefan Procopiu" Award, Romanian National Academy of Science
  • 2005 "In Hoc Signo Vinces" Award, Romanian National Research Council
  • 1999-2004 Junior Associate, ICTP Trieste, Italy


Research Interests

My research interests are in the field of condensed matter theory. In recent years I have focussed my work to electronic transport in quantum dot systems and nuclear spin dynamics in low dimensional systems. I have also been involved in projects related to superconductivity, diagrammatic solutions for Bose systems, quantum phase transitions, and collective excitations in spin polarized low dimensional systems. In general I am interested in analytical approximations, although my work involves also numerical calculations.

My recent work was supported by Research Corporation and several internal grants from CSUF.

I am always looking to involve undergraduate and graduate students in my research. If you would like to learn more about condensed matter physics , please contact me or stop by my office. 


Teaching Interests

In recent years, I have enjoyed teaching a wide variety of lower- and upper-division physics courses, as well as graduate courses. Although I greatly enjoy teaching introductory physics, my main teaching interests are with advanced theory courses including quantum and statistical mechanics, and solid state.

Selected Publications

  • Transport and current noise characteristics of a T-shape double quantum dot system, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21, 215604 (2009) (K. Brown, M. Crisan, and I. Tifrea). (Kevin Brown was one of our CSUF Masters candidates.)
  • Electric field tunability of nuclear and electronic spin dynamics due to the hyperfine interaction in semiconductor nanostructures, Physical Review Letters 90, 237601 (2003) (I. Tifrea and M.E. Flatté)
  • Renormalization group analysis of dilute Bose systems in d-dimensions at finite temperature, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 35, 239 (2002) (M. Crisan, D. Bodea, I. Grosu, and I. Tifrea)
  • Two-dimensional dilute Bose gas in the normal phase, European Physical Journal B 22, 79 (2001) (P. Pieri, G.C. Strinati, and I. Tifrea)
  • Magneto-acoustic plasmons in a bilayer quasi two-dimensional spin-polarized system, Physical Review B 64, 073405 (2001) (I. Tifrea andD.C. Marinescu)
  • Electron-fluctuation interaction in a non-Fermi liquid superconductor, Physical Review B 59, 14680 (1999) (M. Crisan, C. P. Moca and I.Tifrea)
  • Critical temperature of a non-Fermi liquid superconductor with an energy dependent density of states, Physical Review B 56, 8298 (1997) (I. Grosu, I. Tifrea, M. Crisan and S. Yoksan)
  • Classical spins in van Hove superconductors, Physical Review B 54, 14946 (1996) (I. Tifrea and M. Crisan)