Leigh Hargreaves
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Leigh Hargreaves

Associate Professor of Physics

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Atomic and Molecular Electron-Reaction Science


  • PhD In Physics (2004 - 2008)
    Flinders University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Science with 1st class Honors (2000 - 2004) Flinders University, Australia

I arrived at CSUF at the start of 2011 as a visiting professor and lecturer, following postdoctoral research at the University of Adelaide and Flinders University in Australia. My research interests are in experimental research on electron scattering from atomic and molecular targets.

At CSUF, I use electron spectrometers to measure scattering probabilities for electrons colliding with molecules. Such molecules can range from the very simple (e.g. hydrogen) through to complex targets such as the nucleobases that for the building blocks of DNA. The data I measure can help us better understand the chemistry that occrus in both natural environment (e.g. inside a human being undergoing radiation therapy), or industrial enviornments such as technological plasmas. My current interests focus mainly on understanding cancer radiation dosimetry and the treatment of biomass to produce alcohol fuels.

Here at CSUF I teach a variety of topics in the Physics department. I am most often found in our advanced laboratories, but I also enjoy teaching topics ranging from introductory mechanics through to advanced computational methods.