Mark Shapiro
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Mark Shapiro

Professor of Physics, Emeritus

Web Guru CSUF Emeriti

Curmudgeon at Large

Research Interests

For the 20 years prior to my retirement in 2007 my research efforts focused mainly on molecular-dynamics simulations of ion-surface interactions. I was interested in learning more about the basic physics of atom and cluster ejection from surfaces (sputtering), collision cascades, and energy loss by atoms and clusters as they penetrate surfaces.

Several undergraduate and graduate students from CSUF, Caltech, and other CSU campuses have participated in this research.

This research was funded by grants from the National Science Foundation. My previous NSF grant (DMR-9312468) included a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) supplement. My most recent NSF grant (DMR-9712538), which was funded in May of 1997 included an REU supplement for undergrads as well as some funding for M.S. students.

To learn about some of my recent research work click on the first link below. (This section is a bit out-of date.) To obtain references to my recent publications, including publications with student co-authors, click on the second link. The third link will take you to a page containing links to other groups who carry out similar work, and to compilations of information useful in particle-surface research.

  • Recent Research Projects
  • Recent Publications and online preprints and computer simulations
  • Particle-Surface Resources on the Internet - mailing lists, data-bases, and homepages for several groups carrying out computational, experimental, or theoretical research on ion beam interactions with surfaces.
  • Council on Undergraduate Research - I served three three-year terms as a Physics Councilor for this organization, which promotes research involving undergraduates at predominantly undergraduate institutions..
  • Go METRIC!!! I encourage you to think Metric.
  • One of my favorite places on the web is Salon Magazine.
  • I'm also a proud graduate of Santa Ana High School - Class of '57.
  • I also publish an online magazine called The Irascible Professor. The Irascible Professor is a journal of commentary on education issues.
  • Now that I have retired I have more time for hobbies such as digital photography and community service. See some of my better pictures on Webshots.