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"Speeding up and slowing down light, can quantum information survive?," Tuesday, January 28, 1:30pm, MH 606


Ryan Glasser, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Entanglement is now a well-known phenomenon, and has long been thought to play a vital role in quantum information and communication protocols.  Thus, much theoretical and experimental work has been done to investigate the fundamental properties of entanglement.  In this talk I will present recent experimental work investigating the behavior of an entangled state of light after part of it passes through so-called "fast" or "slow" light media.   A four-wave mixing process in warm atomic vapor is used to both generate an entangled state of light, as well as produce a medium exhibiting slow- and fast-light properties.  Differences in the behavior of the entanglement and quantum information after propagating through such dispersive media will be highlighted.