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"Searching for sterile neutrinos with MicroBooNE", Friday, September 9, 12:00pm, MH 629


Brandon Eberly, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

ABSTRACT: The discovery of neutrino oscillations has opened an exciting avenue for physics searches beyond the Standard Model. In particular, a variety of experimental anomalies over the past twenty years can be jointly interpreted as evidence for a new fundamental particle called the sterile neutrino. The MicroBooNE experiment, a 170-ton liquid argon time projection chamber (LArTPC) currently operating in the Booster neutrino beam at Fermilab, will probe one of the sterile neutrino anomalies while also providing critical input for the development of future large-scale LArTPCs. After reviewing the status of neutrino physics, this talk will describe the MicroBooNE experiment and present a number of initial results. Future prospects will be discussed, including the integration of MicroBooNE into the Fermilab short baseline neutrino program.