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"Hawking Radiation as Tunneling," Friday, April 10, 12:00pm, MH 606

Douglas Singleton, California State University, Fresno

ABSTRACT: Hawking Radiation is the process whereby a black hole emits blackbody radiation. This apparent violation of the
idea that "nothing can escape a black hole" comes when one studies quantum fields in a curved space-time such as that of a black hole.  
In quantum mechanics one has the phenomenon of tunneling where a quantum particle can pass through a barrier that it is classical forbidden to 
pass through. This talk focuses on Hawking radiation as quantum tunneling whereby particles/fields tunneling across the black hole event horizon.
This tunneling method of calculating Hawking radiation is easy to apply to almost any space-time and it allows one to take into account the
back reaction of the space-time geometry of the black hole due to the emission of the Hawking Radiation.