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"Master's Candidates Presentations," Friday, May 8, 12:00pm, MH 606

Master's Candidates, California State University, Fullerton

Friday, May 8
12:00 Ben Stenger - Internship at JPL (Feagin)
12:15 Joshua Hacker - "Distinguishing points from glow in scatter images" (Smith)
12:30 Gabriela Serna - "(Gravitational-wave) Astronomy education research" (Smith/Loverude)
12:45 Steve Jasso - "The Ou Hong Mandel Dip Quantum optics experiment" (Fearn)
1:00 Alex Gauf - "Thermoelectric effect in quantum dot system" (Tifrea)
1:15 Emil Rueckert - “Differential cross sections for electronic excitation of ethanol” (Khakoo)
1:30 Ahmad Sakaamini - “Low Energy Electron Impact Vibrational Excitation of Methyl Chloride”(Khakoo)
1:45 Al Tapia - “Experimental Electron Scattering: Time of flight” (Khakoo)