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"Vortices in the electron-pair continuum, or just deep bubbles in my Guinness," department colloquium Sept 2, 2011 

Jim Feagin, CSUF Physics


Freshly pulled and consumed, a finely foaming pint of Guinness is found to greatly facilitate contemplation of certain deep minima (singularities) observed in the (e, 2e) scattering continuum. We will describe our interpretation of the kinematics of such minima in terms of possible vortices in the electron-pair continuum by quantizing rotations of the momentum plane of the electron pair about the pair's relative momentum through the singularity. Mention will also be made of a recent symposium in Dublin we participated in, and the ample opportunity offered there to sample Guinness and deliberate the origins of vortices in the excellent Irish versions of the beer.