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Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Fall 2015 Colloquium Schedule
Friday, Aug 28        
Friday, Sep 4 Yongsheng Gao CSU Fresno "Hunting and Discovering the Higgs Boson (“God” particle) at the LHC of CERN" Gao's abstract Josh Smith

Friday, Sep 11

Friday, Sep 18        
Friday, Sep 25 Alena Ananyeva GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research "Resonant Coherent Excitation of Highly-Charged Ions in Crystals" Ananyeva's abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Friday, Oct 2        
Friday, Oct 9 Jim Williams University of Western
"Flowers from other gardens" William's abstract Morty Khakoo
Friday, Oct 16 Wladimir Lyra CSU Northridge "Evolution of circumstellar disks and planet formation" Lyra's abstract Geoffrey Lovelace
Friday, Oct 23 Michael Larsen Northrop Grumman "Compact Atomic Magnetometer for Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD-CAM)" Larsen's abstract Morty Khakoo
Friday, Oct 30        
Friday, Nov 6        
Friday, Nov 13        
Friday, Nov 20    
Friday, Nov 27 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Break
Friday, Dec 4 Joey Key University of Texas "NANOGrav: A Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave Observatory" Key's abstract Josh Smith
Friday, Dec 11