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Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Spring 2011 Colloquium Schedule
Jan 28        
Feb 4        
Feb 11        
Feb 18        
Feb 25        
Mar 4 Alex Rudolph CSU Pomona Creation of the Elements or Where did Carbon come from?, Rudolph's Abstract Mike Loverude
Mar 11 Andy Lundgren Penn State Lukewarm Dark Matter: Cosmology of a Bose-Condensed Scalar Field, Lundgren's Abstract Josh Smith
Mar 16 Dave Bowman, Geology, Greg Childers, Physics CSUF Japan in Crisis: M=9.0 Honshu Japan Earthquake What happened? Could it happen here?, Bowman & Childers' Abstract Geology, Physics  4 pm MH-238 3/16/2011
Mar 17

Yasuyuki Ozeki


Takaharu Nagatomi

Osaka University

Label-free biomedical microscopy based on stimulated Raman scattering, Ozeki's Abstract

Study on interaction of electrons, ions, and x-rays with solid surfaces, Nagatomi's Abstract

Greg Childers


Ionel Tifrea

Mar 18 James Colgan Los Alamos Natl Lab

Atomic physics using high-performance computing, Colgan's Abstract

Jim Feagin
Mar 25 Friday before spring break
Apr 1 Spring break, no classes
Apr 8        
Apr 15 Dan Slater Nearfield Systems Optical remote sensing in a turbulent atmosphere, Slater's Abstract Morty Khakoo
Apr 22 Nathaniel Stern Caltech Whispering with Atoms and Light:
Probing Coherent Dynamics and Atomic Motion near Boundaries with Single Photons, Stern's Abstract


Ionel Tifrea

Apr 29 CSUF Faculty CSUF [POSTPONED TO FALL] Faculty Research Seminar, Faculty seminar schedule All
May 6 Leigh Hargreaves Cal State Fullerton Technological Advances in Atomic and Molecular Physics: Studies of electron interactions with molecular radicals, Hargreave's S'11 Abstract Morty Khakoo
May 13 Brian Kuper, Chris Johnstone, Rehab Al-Buraidi, Brent Yates, Casey Sanchez Cal State Fullerton Student research colloquium, Student's S'11 Abstract Ionel Tifrea, Josh Smith