This page contains the schedules and abstracts for past colloquiums. Choose a semester, or click "All Pages" to see all. 


Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Spring 2018 Colloquium Schedule
Jan 26
Dr. Etienne Fodor University of Cambridge Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of active matter Wylie Ahmed
Feb 2
Feb 9
Feb 16
Feb 23
Mar 2
Dr. Cliff Surko University of California San Diego

Antimatter in Our World of Matter

Murtadha Khakoo
Mar 9
Mar 16
Mar 23
Mar 30
Cesar Chavez Day - Campus Closed  
Apr 6
Apr 13
Apr 20
Dr. TJ Massinger Caltech Increasing the amount of gravitational-wave science we can do with LIGO Josh Smith
Apr 27
Dr. Nathan Inan UC Merced Formulations of general relativity and their applications to quantum mechanical systems Heidi Fearn
May 4
May 11
Master's Student Presentations CSUF TBA Physics Dept
May 18
Dr. Gary Mikaelian NIDEK Co. Ltd. and Hedgefog Research Inc The Eye with the eye of a Physicist Murtadha Khakoo
Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Fall 2017 Colloquium Schedule
Aug 25
Sep 1
Sep 8
Undergraduate Students CSUF Semester welcome and undergraduate student research seminar Various
Sep 15
Sep 22
Sep 29


Oct 6
Stephen Pollock University of Colorado, Boulder TBA Gina Passante
Oct 13
Stephen Pollock University of Colorado, Boulder TBA Gina Passante
Oct 20
Oct 27
Nov 3
Nov 10
Veterans Day
Nov 17
Sharon Gerbode Harvey Mudd College Sculpting crystals with light - optical blasting deforms colloidal crystal grains Wylie Ahmed
Nov 24
Fall Recess
Dec 1
Dec 8
John Barton MIT and University of California Riverside HIV evolution through the lens of statistical physics Wylie Ahmed



Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Fall 2016 Colloquium Schedule
Aug 26
Sep 2
Sep 9
Brandon Eberly SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Searching for sterile neutrinos with MicroBooNE Eberly's Abstract Josh Smith
Sep 16
Sep 23
Sep 30
Qing Ryan Cal Poly Pomona

Physics Problem Solving: Customizable Computer Coaches for Physics Online (C3PO) Ryan's Abstract

Gina Passante
Oct 7
Oct 14
Lee Lindblom UC San Diego Neutron Stars: Where Gravitation Theory Meets Nuclear Physics Lindblom's Abstract Geoffrey Lovelace
Oct 21
Oct 28
Chris Griffo Celestron Roles of an Optical Engineer at Celestron Griffo's Abstract Josh Smilth
Wednesday Nov 2 Dragos Anghel Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering  Electron-phonon interaction in nanostructures at sub-Kelvin temperatures Anghel's Abstract Ionel Tifrea
Nov 4
Daniel Slaughter Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory Bond-selective chemistry with low-energy electrons Slaughter's Abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Nov 11
No Colloquium - Veteran's Day
Nov 18
Nov 25
No Colloquium - Fall Recess
Dec 2
Mark Zammit Los Alamos National Laboratory Colliding particles and their applications Zammit's Abstract Morty Khakoo
Dec 9


Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Spring 2016 Colloquium Schedule
Jan 29

Feb 1

Daniel Johnson Rockefeller University "Spinning, Poynting, Translating: Shining Light on a TIRF Field in Order to Visualize HIV Assembly" Johnson's Abstract Leigh Hargreaves

Wednesday Feb 3

Ran Chen Kansas State University "Biophysical Interactions with Nanomaterials" Chen's Abstract Leigh Hargreaves

Feb 5

Wylie Ahmed Institut Curie (France) "Active mechanics keeps our cells alive" Ahmed's Abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Feb 12
Feb 19
Feb 26
March 4
March 11
March 18
March 25
April 1
No Colloquium - Spring Break
April 8
April 15
April 22
Flip Tanedo UC Irvine "Dark Sunshine" Tanedo's Abstract Josh Smith
April 29
Geoffrey Lovelace CSU Fullerton "Observation of gravitational waves from merging black holes" Lovelace's S'16 Abstract Jim Feagin
May 6 
Masters Students CSU Fullerton TBA Ionel Tifrea
May 13


Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Fall 2015 Colloquium Schedule
Friday, Aug 28        
Friday, Sep 4 Yongsheng Gao CSU Fresno "Hunting and Discovering the Higgs Boson (“God” particle) at the LHC of CERN" Gao's abstract Josh Smith

Friday, Sep 11

Friday, Sep 18        
Friday, Sep 25 Alena Ananyeva GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research "Resonant Coherent Excitation of Highly-Charged Ions in Crystals" Ananyeva's abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Friday, Oct 2        
Friday, Oct 9 Jim Williams University of Western
"Flowers from other gardens" William's abstract Morty Khakoo
Friday, Oct 16 Wladimir Lyra CSU Northridge "Evolution of circumstellar disks and planet formation" Lyra's abstract Geoffrey Lovelace
Friday, Oct 23 Michael Larsen Northrop Grumman "Compact Atomic Magnetometer for Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD-CAM)" Larsen's abstract Morty Khakoo
Friday, Oct 30        
Friday, Nov 6        
Friday, Nov 13        
Friday, Nov 20    
Friday, Nov 27 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Break
Friday, Dec 4 Joey Key University of Texas "NANOGrav: A Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave Observatory" Key's abstract Josh Smith
Friday, Dec 11        


Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Spring 2015 Colloquium Schedule
Friday, Jan 30        
Friday, Feb 6        

Friday, Feb 13

Friday, Feb 20        
Friday, Feb 27        
Friday, Mar 6        
Friday, Mar 13        
Friday, Mar 20        
Friday, Mar 27     Physics Program Performance Review held this day  
Friday, Apr 3 No Colloquium - Spring Break
Friday, Apr 10 Douglas Singleton CSU Fresno "Hawking Radiation as Tunneling," Singleton's Abstract Josh Smith
Friday, Apr 17 Damian Christian CSU Northridge "Solar Coronal Mass Ejections: What goes up, must come down?," Christian's Abstract Josh Smith
Friday, Apr 24    
Friday, May 1 Daniel Hemberger Caltech Numerical relativity Hemberger's Abstract Geoffrey Lovelace
Thursday, May 7 and Friday, May 8 CSUF Master's Candidates CSUF Master's Projects Presentations  Master's Candidates Abstracts Ionel Tifrea, Josh Smith
Friday, May 15        



Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Fall 2014 Colloquium Schedule
Friday, Aug 29        
Friday Sep 5        



Prof. Birgit Lohmann Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia "The Best of Both Worlds," Lohmann's Abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Friday, Sep 12 CSUF undergrads   Student Summer Research Colloquium, '14 Summer Abstract 1 Josh Smith and Ionel Tifrea
Sep 19 CSUF undergrads   Student Summer Research Colloquium, '14 Summer Abstract 2 Josh Smith and Ionel Tifrea
Sep 26        
Oct 3 CSUF undergrads   Student Summer Research Colloquium, '14 Summer Abstract 3 Josh Smith and Ionel Tifrea
Oct 10        
Oct 17 Prof. G. G. Sivjee CSUF Important Effects of Solar Radiations in the Near-Earth Space Region, Sivjee's Abstract Morty Khakoo
Oct 24 Prof. George King Manchester University (UK) Solar Energy, King's Abstract Morty Khakoo
Oct 31        
Nov 7 Mike Campbell CSUF Phase Transitions in Economic Models: Hot and Cold Market Equilibria in Bounded-Rational Potential Games, Campbell's Abstract  
Nov 14 Dr. Darryl Jones Flinders University, Australia Technologically-relevant electron-molecule interactions: From bio-molecules to bio-fuels, Jones' F'14 Abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Nov 21        
Nov 28 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving
Dec 5        
Dec 12        
Dec 19        



Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Spring 2014 Colloquium Schedule
Tuesday Jan 28, 1:30pm Ryan Glasser National Institute of Standards and Technology Speeding up and slowing down light, can quantum information survive?, Glasser's Abstract Greg Childers
Friday Jan 31, 1:30pm Daniel Rolles Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) How to Make a Molecular Movie, Rolles' Abstract Greg Childers
Tuesday Feb 4, 1:30pm Arne Schwettmann JQI/NIST/University of Maryland Spin dynamics in an ultracold sodium quantum gas, Schwettmann's Abstract Greg Childers
Thursday Feb 6, 1:30pm Leigh Hargreaves California State University - Fullerton Novel Techniques in Electron Scattering Physics, Hargreaves' Abstract Greg Childers
Feb 7        
Feb 14        
Feb 21        
Feb 28  Professional Panel     Bobby Wright
Mar 7 J. W. McConkey U. Windsor, Ontario, Canada Detection of long lived atomic oxygen (O1D+O1S) prevalent in electron driven reactions (e.g. the aurora borealis), McConkey's Abstract Morty Khakoo
Mar 14 TBA     Bobby Wright
Mar 21        
Mar 28        
Apr 4 Spring Break - No Classes
Apr 11 Kamil Fedus Fulbright Fellow, Nicholai Copernicus University, Torun, Poland Simple quantum model for describing low energy electron and positron scattering data Morty Khakoo
Apr 18 GWPAC MH-601 LIGO Documentary Jocelyn Read
Apr 25 Vince McKoy Caltech TBA on theory regarding electron-molecule scattering Morty Khakoo
May 2 MS Project Presentations   TBA Ionel Tifrea
May 9 MS Project Presentations   TBA Ionel Tifrea


Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Fall 2013 Colloquium Schedule
Aug 30        
Sep 6        
Sep 13        
Sep 20 Derek F. Jackson Kimball California State University - East Bay The Universe in an Atom: how precision measurements of atomic spins can probe the universe's greatest mysteries, Kimball's Abstract Josh Smith and Jocelyn Read
Sep 27        
Oct 4        
Oct 11        
Oct 18        
Oct 25 David Sanchez Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain Thermoelectric effects in nanostructures, Sanchez's Abstract Ionel Tifrea
Nov 1        
Nov 8 Mats Selen University of Illinois The Evolution of Introductory Physics at the University of Illinois, Selen's Abstract Jim Feagin
Nov 15 Dave Tsang Department of Physics, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
Shedding Light on Planet-Disk Interactions, Tsang's Abstract
Jocelyn Read
Nov 22 Adric Jones UC Riverside When matter meets antimatter: Experiments with Positronium, Jones' Abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Nov 29 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 6 Michael Campbell   Producing an Optimal Can, Campbell's Abstract '13 Jim Feagin
Dec 13     Last Day of Classes  


The department's Spring 2013 colloquium series will take place Fridays at 12 noon (see Calendar) on the 6th floor of McCarthy Hall, except when noted otherwise. Talks will be 50 minutes, with 10 minutes discussion time. The majority of each presentation should be at a level accessible to undergraduates. All interested students and faculty are welcome to attend. 

Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Spring 2013 Colloquium Schedule
Feb 1        
Feb 8        
Feb 15        
Feb 22        
Mar 1        
Mar 8        
Mar 15        
Mar 22 - - - -
Mar 29 Dragos Anghel Department of Theoretical Physics, IFIN-HH, Bucharest, Romania Systems of interacting particles described as ideal gases with fractional exclusion statistics, Anghel's Abstract '13 Ionel Tifrea
Apr 5 Spring Break
Apr 12        
Apr 19        
Apr 26 Thomas Gredig CSU Long Beach Magnetic Relaxation in Single Chain Magnets, Gredig's Abstract Ionel Tifrea
May 3 Prashanth Jaikumar CSU Long Beach Neutron stars as billion degree superconductors, Jaikumar's Abstract Jocelyn Read
May 10        
May 17 Last Day of Classes      


Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Fall 2012 Colloquium Schedule
Aug 31        
Sep 7 Brandon Grisanti, Gabriela Serna, Heather Chilton, Cinthia Padilla, George Balch, Daniel Vander-Hyde CSU Fullerton Summer Undergraduate Research Report, '12 Students Abstract Josh Smith
Sep 14        
Sep 21 John S. Briggs Physikalisches Institut, Universitaet Freiburg Max Born’s Legacy to Quantum Mechanics: From Entanglement to Quantum Gravity, Brigg's Abstract Jim Feagin
Sep 28     No Colloquium due to GWPAC Opening that afternoon  
Oct 5 Heidi Fearn CSU Fullerton Making Starships and Stargates "Mach Effect Drive Propulsion", Fearn's Abstract  
Oct 12        
Oct 19        
Oct 26        
Nov 2        
Nov 9 George Escalante   An Introduction to Imaging with Radar, Escalante's Abstract Jim Feagin
Nov 16        
Nov 23 Campus Closed - Fall Recess
Nov 30 TBA      
Dec 7 Homeyra Sadaghiani Cal Poly Pomona Is it time to flip your classroom? Sadaghiani's Abstract Mike Loverude
Dec 14     Last Day of Classes  



Spring 2012 Colloquium Schedule

Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Monday Jan 23 10-11a Marc Favata UW-Milwaukee/Caltech Observing Love, memory, and spin with gravitational waves, Favata's Abstract Greg Childers
Wednesday Jan 25 10-11a Geoffrey Lovelace Cornell Supercomputer simulations of colliding black holes, Lovelace's Abstract Greg Childers
Friday Jan 27 10-11a Chad Hanna Perimeter Institute Searching for gravitational waves from merging neutron stars and black holes, Hanna's Abstract Greg Childers
Monday Jan 30 10-11a Kipp Cannon U Toronto Tackling the Challenges of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy, Cannon's Abstract Greg Childers
Wednesday Feb 1 10-11a Jocelyn Read U Mississippi The dynamic response of merging neutron stars, Read's Abstract Greg Childers
Feb 3    


Feb 10        
Feb 17        
Feb 24        
Mar 2        
Mar 9        
Mar 16   US Bank Credit, loans and mortgages for students CSUF Physics Club
Mar 23

Kate Nixon

University of Manchester (UK) Electron Impact Ionization Experiments at The University of Manchester, Nixon's Abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Mar 30 Campus Closed - Cesar Chavez Day
Apr 6 Daniel Whiteson UC Irvine

Exploring the unknown universe with the LHC, Whiteson's Abstract

Josh Smith
Apr 13   US Navy

Nuclear Research

CSUF Physics Club
Apr 20        
Apr 27 Dan Henrickson, Chris Griffo, Thomas Abbott, David Green, Khai Nguyen, Josh Tanner CSU Fullerton Master's Projects reports, Student's S12 Abstract Josh Smith, Ionel Tifrea
May 4    


May 11 Kevin Lambert Liberal Studies, CSU Fullerton

The Uses of Analogy: James Clerk Maxwell’s “On Faraday’s Lines of Force’ and Early Victorian Analogical Argument, Lambert's Abstract

Jim Feagin




Fall 2011 Colloquium Schedule

Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Aug 26 Cinthia Padilla, Alex Gauf, Amos Jo, Bobby Wright, Gaby Serna, Fabian Magana-Sandoval Cal State Fullerton Undergraduate research seminar, Student's F11 Abstract Leigh Hargreaves
Sep 2 Jim Feagin Cal State Fullerton

Vortices in the electron-pair continuum, or just deep bubbles in my Guinness, Feagin's Abstract

Physics, CSUF
Sep 9        
Sep 16        
Sep 23        
Sep 30        
Oct 7        
Oct 14 Paul Johnson Jet Propulsion Lab Astrobiology of Icy Worlds:  Photochemistry of Planetary Ices, Johnson's F'11 Abstract Morty Khakoo
Oct 21


Oct 28 H. C. Schneider University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Ultrafast Spin Dynamics Solids: "Femtomagnetism and Spintronics", Schneider's Abstract

Ionel Tifrea
Nov 4 Kyle Keane University of California, Riverside

Beyond Traditional Quantum Measurement: A Game of Quantum Peek-a-Boo with a Purpose, Keane's Abstract

Morty Khakoo
Nov 11 Campus Closed - Veterans Day
Nov 18 Marica Branchesi DiSBeF - Università 'Carlo Bo' di Urbino, Italy "From multi-wavelength to multi-spectrum astronomy", Branchesi's Abstract Josh Smith
Nov 23 James Sullivan Australian National University "Low Energy Positron Collisions with Atoms and Molecules", Sullivan's Abstract Morty Khakoo
Nov 25 Campus Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 2    
Dec 9 Last Day of Classes      



Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Spring 2011 Colloquium Schedule
Jan 28        
Feb 4        
Feb 11        
Feb 18        
Feb 25        
Mar 4 Alex Rudolph CSU Pomona Creation of the Elements or Where did Carbon come from?, Rudolph's Abstract Mike Loverude
Mar 11 Andy Lundgren Penn State Lukewarm Dark Matter: Cosmology of a Bose-Condensed Scalar Field, Lundgren's Abstract Josh Smith
Mar 16 Dave Bowman, Geology, Greg Childers, Physics CSUF Japan in Crisis: M=9.0 Honshu Japan Earthquake What happened? Could it happen here?, Bowman & Childers' Abstract Geology, Physics  4 pm MH-238 3/16/2011
Mar 17

Yasuyuki Ozeki


Takaharu Nagatomi

Osaka University

Label-free biomedical microscopy based on stimulated Raman scattering, Ozeki's Abstract

Study on interaction of electrons, ions, and x-rays with solid surfaces, Nagatomi's Abstract

Greg Childers


Ionel Tifrea

Mar 18 James Colgan Los Alamos Natl Lab

Atomic physics using high-performance computing, Colgan's Abstract

Jim Feagin
Mar 25 Friday before spring break
Apr 1 Spring break, no classes
Apr 8        
Apr 15 Dan Slater Nearfield Systems Optical remote sensing in a turbulent atmosphere, Slater's Abstract Morty Khakoo
Apr 22 Nathaniel Stern Caltech Whispering with Atoms and Light:
Probing Coherent Dynamics and Atomic Motion near Boundaries with Single Photons, Stern's Abstract


Ionel Tifrea

Apr 29 CSUF Faculty CSUF [POSTPONED TO FALL] Faculty Research Seminar, Faculty seminar schedule All
May 6 Leigh Hargreaves Cal State Fullerton Technological Advances in Atomic and Molecular Physics: Studies of electron interactions with molecular radicals, Hargreave's S'11 Abstract Morty Khakoo
May 13 Brian Kuper, Chris Johnstone, Rehab Al-Buraidi, Brent Yates, Casey Sanchez Cal State Fullerton Student research colloquium, Student's S'11 Abstract Ionel Tifrea, Josh Smith



Date Speaker Institution Title and Abstract Host
Fall 2010 Colloquium Schedule
Aug 27        
Sep 3        
Sep 10        
Sep 17 Dr. Alex Small Cal Poly Pomona “Optics Beyond the Diffraction Limit: How to see tiny things in cells”, Small's Abstract Ionel Tifrea
Sep 24        
Oct 1 Mr. Chris Francis CSU Fullerton "MS Project: Measuring scattered light from Advanced LIGO optics", Francis' Abstract Josh Smith
Oct 8        
Oct 15 Dr. Andreas Bill CSU Long Beach "Development of the Grain Size Distribution During the Crystallization of a Solid", Bill's Abstract Ionel Tifrea
Oct 22 Dr. Michael Larson Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems "Atomic Frequency Standards", Larson's F'10 Abstract, student internship discussion to follow Morty Khakoo
Oct 29 Dr. Geoff Steeves Caltech & University of Victoria "Calling All Astronauts", Steeves' Abstract Ionel Tifrea
Nov 5 Dr. Duncan Brown Syracuse University "Gravitational-wave Astronomy with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory", Brown's F'10 Abstract Josh Smith
Nov 12 Dr. Jay Marx, LIGO Director Caltech "Gravitational Waves, a New Window on the Universe", Marx's Abstract Josh Smith
Nov 19        
Nov 26        
Dec 3 Dr. Tim Gay University of Nebraska "The Physics of Football" and "One Atom Too Many: An Atomic Physicist's Attempt To Learn About Simple Homonuclear Diatomic Molecules", Gay's Abstract Morty Khakoo
Dec 10