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"Label-free biomedical microscopy based on stimulated Raman scattering," colloquium March 17, 2011

Yasuyuki Ozeki, Osaka University

Optical microscopy is a popular tool for biological imaging as well as for pathological diagnosis. However, staining or labeling processes are necessary before the observation because most of cells are typically transparent. In this colloquium, I’ll talk about stimulated Raman scattering microscopy, which allows label-free imaging. This technique is based on molecular vibrational spectroscopy with high sensitivity using the stimulated Raman process induced by two-color laser pulses. I’ll explain the principle and features of the technique and demonstrate a technique I’ve developed for improving the sensitivity.

"Study on interaction of electrons, ions, and x-rays with solid surfaces," colloquium March 17, 2011

Takaharu Nagatomi, Osaka University

Surface chemical analysis using electrons, ions, and photons has been one of the most powerful techniques to characterize the solid surface from a view point of not only academic interests but also the industry. For the improvement of the accuracy in quantitative analysis, understanding of interactions of electrons, ions, and photons with the solid surface is essential. For this end, I have been involved in studies on developing new analytical approaches to understanding measured spectra and new experimental tools and techniques for performing measurements more accurately and/or under unusual conditions. In this colloquium, I am going to introduce parts of such researches, in particular, the keV-electron scattering in the near surface region and charging of insulator surface under ion irradiation.