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The Physics department welcomed longtime friends Mr. Dan Black and Mr. Karl Freels back to the department on Friday, February 22.

This year the department instituted the Black Family Fellowship award, generously funded by the Black Family Trust. The award funded 16 undergraduate and graduate students to conduct faculty mentored research in the departments many research programs, providing salary, materials and both international and domestic research opportunities to our students.

Our awardees appreciated the opportunity to meet with and learn from the experiences of Mr. Black and Mr. Freels, and to share the experiences that the award had enabled for them. Thanks Dan for your generous support of our students, we are all looking forward to seeing what our fellows achieve with this award in the coming year!

Physics faculty and friends welcome alumni back to campus.

Renowned researcher and professor of physics Steven Pollock from CU Boulder visits the department to collaborate and tell of his odyssey in physics education.

Kip Thorne (Caltech) shares the prize with Rainer Weiss (MIT) and Barry Barish (Caltech) for their foundational and longtime contributions to LIGO.