Dan Slater is vice president, co-founder, and head of research and development for Nearfield Systems Inc (NSI).

Dan_Slater_2And he's had a lifelong passion for cameras and telescopes and tinkering with their design to produce superior images, particularly at great distances. In his colloquium, Dan presented a variety of stunning images he's obtained with his personal collection of telescopic cameras he designed himself. With his own image processing technology and software created to mitigate image loss due to our less than ideal southern California air, he is able to read signs across the Los Angeles basis from 20 miles or more and to recognize small structures in some cases up to 80 miles. 

Dan was a student in the department in the '70s and went on to become a tech-guru and long term consultant to TRW (now Northrop Grumman) as well as Paramount Pictures before establishing the multi-million dollar high-tech company NSI. Dan has received two Academy Awards for advancing motion-picture camera technology and holds 14 US patents. He is the author of the text Nearfield Antenna Measurements (Artech House 1991) as well as numerous technical papers. 

Dan said that his company is always looking to hire creative and well trained people with a passion for technology and that our majors might consider Nearfield Systems Inc for summer internships and careers post-graduation.