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Dan Black Physics-Business Scholarship

Freshman John Kuper and senior Wyatt Kiedrowski are this year's recipients of the Dan Black Physics-Business Scholarships.

John and mentor-Prof Roger NanesJohn and mentor-Prof Roger NanesJohn has been awarded the Physics-Business Scholarship in the amount of $10,000 to be paid over a four-year period. John entered Cal State Fullerton as a declared Physics major after compiling a distinguished record of academic achievement in high school. John's goals are to obtain a graduate degree and he expects that his interest in physics and computer science, combined with the Physics-Business Program, will help him to achieve a goal of forming his own software company in the future. He follows in the footsteps of two older siblings who have successfully completed the Dan Black Physics-Business Program.

Wyatt and JohnWyatt and John

After receiving an Associate's Degree in business administration from Saddleback College, Wyatt attended Fullerton College and entered CSUF as a physics major. In his last semester of lower division classes for his business degree he took an elective course in conceptual physics and decided to change his major to physics. When he arrived at CSUF, he learned about the Physics-Business program and has been motivated and determined to achieve his educational and career goals to combine his passion for science and technology with entrepreneurial opportunities. Wyatt applied for the Physics-Business Scholarship and has been awarded $4,500, paid over his remaining semesters at CSUF, and has compiled an outstanding record of performance as a graduating senior.

Dan Black Junior-Year Scholarship

The Dan Black Junior Scholarships are presented to a junior physics major who shows promise for a successful physics-related career. This year's recipients are Anthony Colombo, Cinthia Padilla, and Fabian MagaƱa-Sandoval.  They will receive $4,000 each over the course of the next academic year.

Anthony, Fabian, and CinthiaAnthony, Fabian, and CinthiaAnthony knew he liked science and in particular physics when he read about the Universe in high school. He got encouragement from his mother, who is an engineer at Boeing. Anthony hopes he will join her to work in the aviation industry someday, but not before he learns more about physics and completes his PhD. He is currently studying hard in his introductory physics course and is eager to get into more advanced classes.

In addition to her upper division coursework, Cinthia is secretary of the physics club, and is conducting gravitational-wave research supervised by Dr. Josh Smith. This summer she will be traveling to South Korea as part of the University of Florida's International REU program. Cinthia will continue in our program as a senior in the Fall.

Fabian, a junior, transferred from Santa Ana College in Fall 2010. Before coming to CSUF he participated in the Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program, working in the department of Earth System Science at UCI on Nitrous Oxide isotopes produced by different sources. His primary interest is in experimental physics and will be starting a project involving optics research with Dr. Josh Smith this summer. He intends to pursue graduate study in physics, but also considers a career in teaching.

Dan Black Senior-Year Scholarship 

Heather and mentor-Prof Greg ChildersHeather and mentor-Prof Greg Childers

The Dan Black Senior Scholarship is presented to a senior physics major who shows promise for a successful physics-related career. Heather Chilton is this year's recipient and will receive $4,000 over the course of the next academic year.

Heather started as a Geology major, but has decided to double major in Physics and Geology. Her true love is planetary science, which lies at the boundary of astrophysics and geology. In addition to pursuing a double major, she is conducting research in atomic physics under Dr. Greg Childers' supervision. After completing both majors, she plans to continue her studies of planetary science in graduate school and pursue a career that will enable her to conduct research and share her knowledge in an academic setting.

Titan Shops Textbook Scholarships

Amos Jo and Danny Orton are this year's recipients of our Titan Shops Scholarships, which are provided through a donation from the campus bookstore and Titan Shops as a thank you to the university for encouraging course textbook purchases. They will each receive $250.

Danny, Amos, and Prof Pat ChengDanny, Amos, and Prof Pat ChengAfter several years of work, Amos was inspired to return to college to help develop greener technology. He transferred to CSUF from Mt. San Antonio College in Fall 2010. Though he is still a new to the department, he has impressed his instructors with his thoughtful participation in class and his careful and insightful responses on homework and exams. Amos has not decided on his ultimate career goals at this point, and we're all ok with that.

Danny is a double major who has demonstrated excellent coursework and course participation in his upper division physics classes. He has shown exceptional focus to tasks at hand and established a strong work ethic. He is presently working in the lab of Dr. Morty Khakoo and will travel to Brazil this summer to work with one of Morty's collaborators on electron-initiated reactions as part of a joint program with CSUF, Caltech, and University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil supported by the National Science Foundation.