The department is delighted to welcome Shovit as our newest staff member and support physicist-tech.

Shovit joins the department following the retirement of Fred Engelhard in December.Shovit_1

Shovit graduated from Luther College in 2006 with a double major in physics and math. He entered our Masters program in 2007 and completed his Masters Degree in 2009, and has been teaching for us in a variety of lower-division labs and courses, including our intensive teacher preparation course Phys 102 as lecturer/facilitator. Shovit has also worked on lab development for the department, while also teaching Physics for the MCAT at Princeton Review.


In this short time, Shovit has thus become one of our most popular instructors and colleagues in the department. 

Shovit will take over the curation of the department's extensive lecture demostration collection, as well as be involved in laboratory curriculum development. He has LabVIEW certification and is looking to extend that experience to SolidWorks.

Shovit and SonyShovit and SonyShovit and Sony Joshi were married in January in Nepal.