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Eiker-Adams Creativity Award

Josh Tanner receives $1,000 for this year’s Eiker-Adams Award for designing an inexpensive optical experiment to modernize our third semester introductory physics lab and to establish the optical inverse square law over three orders of magnitude and the inverse square to within a few parts per thousand. Professor Keith Wanser supervised Josh on this project.

Norman Nitzberg Book Award

Colin Campbell receives this year’s Norman Nitzberg Book Award for his design and machining supervision of a low power, magnetic angle changer (MAC) for steering slow electrons during electron-atom-molecule collisions for use in Professor Morty Khakoo's lab. Colin planned his design with specialized charged-particle optics software developed at Manchester University, designed the machining of the three-element MAC using Solidworks software, and supervised the fabrication of the device.

Norman Nitzberg Prize

Kevin Ralphs receives this year’s Norman Nitzberg Prize in the amount of $200 for his demonstrated excellent understanding of experimental techniques in all his advanced laboratory courses. Kevin quickly recognizes the challenges of the experiment at hand, and devises a plan that efficiently accomplishes the goals of the experiment. Kevin is working in Professor Morty Khakoo's lab on the scattering of low energy electrons from furan molecules, research they are preparing to submit for publication.

Robert Kedzie Awards

Senior Mario Rodriquez and Junior Jacqueline Lee have demonstrated increased focus on their physics courses, and as a result have significantly improved their grades this past year. We recognize them both for their dedication with this year’s Kedzie Award in the amount of $250 each.

Wolfram Award

Kevin Ralphs has demonstrated an exceptional understanding of programming with Mathematica and has gone out of his way to share his expertise with his student colleagues. Kevin is a double major in physics and mathematics. This award is based on nominations and input from faculty across the college and selected by the dean's office and is a lifetime copy of Mathematica from Wolfram Research.