The department hosted a reception September 19 to celebrate Roger's long career and distinguished service to the university as an impassioned teacher and professor of physics.

Roger_Feier_5Acting Dean Bob Koch commenced the celebration Monday afternoon by welcoming some 100+ attendees and introducing President Gordon and then acting VPAA Steve Murray, who both highlighted Roger's outstanding career and service to the university.

President Gordon, Ann, and RogerPresident Gordon, Ann, and Roger

Colleagues, family, and friends took turns at the podium reminiscing and congratulating Roger, including former students and his wife Ann and daughter Devra. Daughters Stefanie and Cynthia were also in attendence (and elected Devra to speak!).


Roger and VPAA Steve MurrayRoger and VPAA Steve Murray



Devra, Stefanie, Roger, Ann, and CynthiaDevra, Stefanie, Roger, Ann, and Cynthia








Some of the highlights mentioned:

Roger received his PhD in Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy at Johns  Hopkins University in 1970 and joined the physics department at CSUF in 1972 following two one-year postdoctoral fellowships. For the next 15 years, he maintained a molecular spectroscopy lab and published papers on the basic quantum science driving a variety of molecular reactions. 

Roger and DevraRoger and Devra

In 1989, following his passion for teaching and mentoring science, Roger steered his research towards science education and founded the Southern California Area Modern Physics Institute (SCAMPI), which for the next eight years would offer intensive summer teaching institutes for high school physics teachers from throughout the state. Roger estimates he hosted roughly 10,000 attendees over the life of the institute!

In 1990, Roger was named the University Outstanding Professor for the academic year 1989-1990.

Roger and Dan BlackRoger and Dan Black



In 1999, Roger redirected his career once again in a major way and cofounded the department's Dan Black Program in Physics and Business and has served as the program's director since. 

Starting in 2001, Roger served as department chair for five years.

Event masters: Patti McCarthy, Sylvia Milagro, Yvonne MoarEvent masters: Patti McCarthy, Sylvia Milagro, Yvonne Moar



Thank you Roger for your sustained dedication and career passion with your colleagues across the university and for your friendship and leadership within the department with so many for so long. We wish you the very best for a happy and rewarding retirement!