Dr. Marica Branchesi, an astronomer from the University of Ubrino, Italy, visits the physics department and the new CSUF center GWPAC from October 24 through November 20, 2011.

Josh, Marica, Chris in Josh's DBH labJosh, Marica, Chris in Josh's DBH labMarica (pronounced Ma-REE-ka, last name Brahn-ke-see) is an expert on galaxy clusters and active galactic nucleii—central regions of galaxies believed to have supermassive black holes. Her research currently focuses on multi-messenger astronomy, specifically attempting to observe astronomical sources with both electromagnetic and gravitational radiation.

As a GWPAC visitor, Marica will be working together with Josh Smith, masters student Chris Griffo, and undergraduate Cinthia Padilla on analysis of telescope images that were taken as part of the electromagnetic follow-up of low-threshold gravitational-wave triggers.

Marica will give the department colloquium November 18th on multi-messenger astronomy.