Some 25 middle school kids and their families attended a math and science open house with physics demonstrations highlighted by volunteers Morty Khakoo and Shovit Bhari.

MortyShovit_Cool2011_3The 'Journey to Success' event was organized by CSUF Student Affairs to generate interest among Asian-American and Pacific-Islander middle schoolers in math and science and to help motivate them to graduate high school and pursue math and science as a college career. Morty and Shovit interacted with the group in Mihaylo Hall for some 40 minutes with a variety of physics demonstrations.

The demos included gyroscopes and a turntable with a special bicycle wheel to experience the effects of angular momentum conservation. The turntable was very popular, and one of the younger participants became so scared that he closed his eyes and lost his balance and had to be helped down.

MortyShovit_Cool2011_5They presented Newton's cradle and coupled pendula, although the rubber band connecting the pendula broke, but was repaired using a hairband loaned from one of the kind ladies in the audience. Our inclined plane demo with the cone roller was explained perfectly by an 8 year old! To Morty and Shovit's great surprise, the young prodigy explained perfectly the counter-intuitive direction of roll in clear and concise language. 

They also performed some fun demolition experiments using very cold liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze and then crush fresh flowers, a racket ball, and lollipops, which greatly pleased the audience but left a watery mess on the floor. They also used liquid nitrogen to cool a disc to a superconducting state and then suspended a magnet over it in midair, which the audience also much enjoyed.


Thank you gentlemen for a great presentation!