Jocelyn Read has accepted our offer to join Geoffrey Lovelace as one of the department's two newest faculty members in the fall.

jocelynAn astrophysicist, Jocelyn is currently working as a postdoc in the Gravitation, Astrophysics, and Theoretical Physics group at the University of Mississippi.

At CSUF, Jocelyn will be joining our newly formed Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Center GWPAC and will collaborate with the center's director Josh Smith and newest co-faculty member Geoffrey Lovelace and students along with the center's new computation specialist Joe Areeda to refine the search for gravitational waves to be detected with advanced LIGO. She will begin teaching in the department in the fall.

Jocelyn is a theoretical astrophysicist with a speciality in modeling sources of gravitational waves, especially neutron star dynamics. She graduated in 2002 with an undergraduate physics and math double major from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and received her PhD in physics in 2008 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in its renowned gravitation and cosmology group. Following her PhD, she worked as a postdoc in the Astrophysical Relativity group at the Max Planck Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam, before moving to Ole Miss in 2010.

Two of her recent publications have been in Physical Review Letters and one was picked as an Editor's Suggestion.

Jocelyn is a member of the LIGO Academic Advisory Council and enjoys community outreach. She recently gave a "Science Cafe" public lecture on gravitational-wave astronomy in Oxford, home of Ole Miss, and has been a regular guest on a general-audience physics podcast

Welcome aboard, Jocelyn!

* Homepage photo credit: C. Todd Sherman of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.