Sixth graders from local elementary schools visit campus for two days of college STEM events. 

Gabi, Cinthia, Morty presentingGabi, Cinthia, Morty presentingMarch 23rd, some 200 students from local Richman and Valencia Park Elementary Schools toured campus and participated in a variety of NSM and ECS workshops organized by the colleges and University Outreach.

Some 20 students took part in the Physics workshop organized by staff-physicist Shovit Bhari and co-hosted by lecturer Ben Jose and Physics Club officers Cinthia Padilla and Gabriela Serna. The sixth graders participated in a variety of demos and built their own homopolar electric motor, which they took home.

April 27th, another 200+ students from Valadez Middle School in neighboring Placentia participated in a repeat of the March 23rd event. This time, Morty Khakoo along with Shovit, Cinthia, and Gabriela hosted the Physics workshop for 21 student participants.

Thank you all for your participation!

Special thanks to Shovit for his hard work organizing these events and coordinating with University Outreach!

Shovit helping the kids with their motorsShovit helping the kids with their motors