Shovit Bhari, Jocelyn Read, and Josh Smith helped host a star gazing event with our CSUF neighbors the evening of Jan 30.

The physics department was asked by Dave Bowman's sons and their Cub Scout troop to help organize and coordinate the event with 3rd-grade teachers Vicki Lawhorn, Jennifer Pike, and Dalila Tirado at Raymond School.

Mother and son viewing the stars.Mother and son viewing the stars.    Students line up to look through the telescope.Students line up to look through the telescope.

The department provided several larger telescopes and Shovit, Jocelyn, and Josh presented the night sky to visiting kids and their families with spectacular views of Jupiter, Orion and Crab Nebulas, Pleiades, Andromeda, and Uranus, and at the end a rising Moon. Some 250 visitors attended. 

Thank you Vicki, Jennifer, and Dalila!Stargazing Raymond