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The department celebrates its 2013 scholars and award recipients at the annual college Awards Reception May 10. 

Refer to our Awards and Recognition page for origins and descriptions.

Dan Black Physics-Business Scholarship

Awarded to physics majors enrolled in the Dan Black Phys-Bus Program, $2,500 each year for four years. Funded through the generous on-going commitments of Mr. Dan Black, one of the department's earliest graduates.

Nousha Afshari is currently a double major in Physics and Business Administration with a 3.79 GPA. She is passionate about physics and using it to advance technology working in a company alongside coworkers with a variety of backgrounds. Nousha has already demonstrated her organizational skills leading team projects with deadline pressure in her business courses.  Her long-term goals are a PhD in physics along with an MBA.

John Kuper has been a Dan Black Phys-Bus Scholar since his freshman year in 2010-11. He is currently a junior physics major establishing a very strong academic record with a 3.84 GPA. As a Phys-Bus Scholar, John has been interning at Real Time Ordering as a programmer and website developer for the company. (Jason Kiefer is the company owner and a notable, former physics major–class of 2008.) John is the fourth member of a big family to major in physics at CSUF (father Tom, sister Kelly, brother Brian all graduated). John's younger brother Kevin is a sophomore physics major in the department, and his younger sister Emily is majoring in math. John is interested in pursuing a PhD in physics in a field such as optics or robotic vision.

Phillipe and friendsPhillipe and friendsPhillipe Rodriguez is a freshman physics major with a keen interest already in a career in business dependent on technology. Phillipe is a member of the both the Physics Club and the Entrepreneur Society. He has volunteered for the past few years with the American Youth Soccer Association coaching and refereeing.



Dan Black Physics Scholarship

Awarded each year to physics majors who show promise for a successful physics-related career, $4,000. Funded through the generous ongoing commitments of Mr. Dan Black.

Paul Ayers is a junior physics student who is an active participant in the Physics Club.  The Dan Black scholarship will help free him from his not-so-popular duties as a campus parking enforcement officer.  After graduation Paul plans to continue his physics studies in graduate school, and he aspires to a future academic career.

James Hasler is a junior physics major currently beginning his upper-division physics studies.  James a fine example of the old adage that persistence pays off! A self-motivated individual who is rarely satisfied with perfunctory answers or partial understandings, James continuously drives himself to achieve excellence in his studies. A highly capable scholar, whether behind the soldering iron in the lab or behind a textbook solving a difficult theory problem, we are pleased to award James a Dan Black Scholarship for 2013.

Sean Hatcher is a junior physics major just beginning upper-division coursework.  Sean has had to struggle to balance a work schedule with the challenges of physics coursework and the demands (and rewards) of being a husband and father to a young daughter.  He is interested in plasma physics, which he credits for inspiring him to pursue a physics major.

Kevin and brother Brian, department alumnus BS and Masters degreesKevin and brother Brian, department alumnus BS and Masters degreesKevin Kuper entered Cal State Fullerton as a declared physics major after compiling a distinguished record of academic achievement in high school.   Kevin is an outstanding student and has earned a 4.0 GPA in physics, and a 3.95 overall.  He works as an intern in a mechanical testing lab and has served in the Youth Ministry program of his church for several years.  In the future he plans on enrolling in a physics doctoral program and would eventually like to find a business position related to optics or lasers.  Kevin follows in the footsteps of his father Tom and two older siblings, Kelly and Brian, who obtained their bachelor's degrees in physics at CSUF.  His brother John is also a physics major and a current Dan Black Phys-Bus Scholar, and his sister Emily a CSUF math major. (There's still time Emily to double major in math and physics!)

Danny Orton is a physics and math double major and is active in both departments.  He has worked in Dr. Khakoo's electron scattering lab and traveled to Brazil for a summer research project where he designed a CSUF electron source for the lab in Brazil.  He is currently working on math research and is a three-time competitor in the Putnam competition.  Danny has earned a perfect 4.00 GPA in his physics coursework and 3.97 overall.  After graduating Danny plans to pursue a PhD in either physics or math.

Titan Shops Textbook Scholarship

Awarded each year to physics majors to recognize their excellent academic achievement and dedication and service to the department and their student colleagues, $300.

George Balch has been doing very well with his junior level coursework and has participated this year in the department's Supplemental Instruction program and has worked several hours per week in our tutoring center. George has also worked in Dr. Khakoo's lab and is coauthor on a paper published by the group.

Awards 2013 10Abhishek Desai is a first-year master's student and has earned A+'s so far in all of his physics courses. He is planning to work next year with Dr. Cheng on a master's project in astronomy and hopes to pursue a PhD in astrophysics.

Daniel and momDaniel and momDaniel Vander-Hyde is a promising sophomore physics major and active physics club member. He is an excellent and inquisitive learner who has thus far earned a 3.93 GPA. He conducts optical scattering research with Dr. Smith. This coming summer Daniel will be traveling to Pisa, Italy to work on the gravitational-wave research project "Characterization studies of the Advanced Virgo interferometer noise environment." Daniel's academic goal is a graduate degree in physics.