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Outstanding Masters Candidate Award

Professor Tifrea and KyleProfessor Tifrea and KyleAwarded each year to recognize graduating masters candidates for outstanding scholarship in their physics coursework, $300.

Kyle Shigekuni received his physics undergraduate degree from UCLA. After graduation he pursued briefly a masters degree in engineering but kept a keen interest in physics and soon switched into our masters program. Kyle has been an excellent student and an outstanding teaching assistant in our program. He worked hard in all his classes and joined our condensed matter theoretical research group working with Dr. Tifrea. Last summer, Kyle thus had the opportunity to spend one month at the University of Iowa where he worked to simulate numerically semiconductor nanostructures. Currently, Kyle is working on a social enterprise to redirect apparel company revenues to fund healthier food alternatives for schools and improve child nutrition.

Outstanding Scholarship Award

Awarded each year to recognize graduating physics majors for outstanding scholarship in their physics coursework, $300.

Matthew Giesler will graduate in physics with a 4.0 GPA and his second bachelor's degree in less than three years. After completing a computer-modeling project involving atomic and molecular collisions with Dr. Har-greaves, Matt joined Dr. Lovelace's research group, where he is currently generating and analyzing results from numerical simulations of merging black holes. Matt has been accepted to several physics graduate programs and will begin his PhD at Caltech this fall.

Brandon Grisanti has been a very motivated and successful student. This past summer, he traveled to Brazil and the Federal University of Juiz de Fora as part a joint research program organized by Dr. Khakoo and CSUF, Caltech and Brazil and funded by NSF. Brandon has been awarded an Undergraduate Research Fellow-ship to work at Jet Propulsion Laboratory this coming summer and in the fall will start a PhD in Physics at University of Nevada Reno.

Danny Orton has been a top student double majoring in both Physics and Math. He has achieved a GPA of 3.97 overall and 4.0 in Physics. He has worked in Dr. Khakoo's lab on experiments involving electron-driven re-actions in biomolecules, which the group intends to publish. Danny traveled to Brazil in 2011 for summer research as part of Dr. Khakoo's ongoing joint research program between CSUF, Caltech and Brazil and funded by NSF.

Outstanding Service Award

Awarded each year to recognize physics majors for outstanding service to the department, $300.

Awards 2013 3Brandon Grisanti is currently president of the Physics Club and a tireless leader in organizing meetings and events, and recruiting new members and majors. Alongside his coursework, Brandon conducts electron scattering research with Drs. Khakoo and Hargreaves. This summer he'll be working on an experimental physics pro-ject called 'Electron Impact Studies of Molecules Relevant to Planetary Atmospheres'' at NASA's Jet Propul-sion Laboratory (JPL).

Awards 2013 2Bobby Wright has worked a great deal this past year with the department's Supplemental Instruction program and our introductory physics courses. He has coordinated with faculty to help plan the support sessions, and organize classroom visitations for his fellow student instructors as well as to maintain a shared database of program notes. Bobby has also been active in the Physics Club helping to organize events, and especially with new-student recruitment, is serving as the Physics Club rep on ICC and its editor for Dimensions. Bobby has been working in Dr. Smith's lab on developing optical systems relevant to gravitational-wave detection and spent two weeks last summer at Syracuse in another gravitational-wave lab there.


Thanks for all the photos Shovit!Thanks for all the photos Shovit!