A new era of exoplanetary discovery has begun to allow a statistical understanding of planetary distributions which in turn is advancing our knowledge of planet formation and migration.

Dave described features of these emerging statistical distributions of observed exoplanets, and possible dynamical mechanisms in the swirl of interplanetary material to produce such features, focussing on disk-material and emerging-planet interactions. In particular, he discussed how material wave resonance may affect the distribution of close-in planets, as well as how the observed "Eccentricity Valley" in the exoplanet distribution around metal-poor stars may be a signature of an eccentricity excitation process related to stellar insolation of giant planets.

Dave is a postdoctoral scholar in theoretical astrophysics at McGill University and a former member of the theoretical astrophysics TAPIR group at Caltech.

Dave, thank you for your visit and ongoing collaboration with GWPAC!