Dr. Kamil Fedus joins our department as a visiting Fulbright Fellow working in Morty Khakoo's group.

Kamil will be visiting us for four months this spring on leave from his position at the Institute of Physics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. In 2011-2012, Kamil worked at the University of Trento, Italy in their nanscience laboratory on the project “Nonlinear optical properties of strained silicon." He received his PhD in physics in 2010 at the Photonic Laboratory of Angers (LΦA), University of Angers (France) on the topic of “Development of methods for measuring optical nonlinearities of third order.”

Kamil was scheduled to be at CSUF for a year, but his wife delivered a son just three months before the start of the Fulbright, complicating his trip here in a happy way. Kamil is working at CSUF with Morty on experimental low energy electron collisions with organic (bio)-molecules and fuels. Together they will investigate electron collisions with iso-Butanol and Pentane which are fuel molecules. His future interest is to adopt a further research track in experimental collision physics when he goes back to Poland to include electron-molecule collisions. At home with his mentor at Torun, Professor Grzegorz Karwasz (widely regarded in the electron scattering community), Kamil's research involves electron-plasma collisions and modeling transport processes in these media. 

This is Kamil’s first visit to the USA. Morty and the department very much appreciate the outstanding efforts of the CSUF International Programs, including Lizabeth Pena, Jessica Hammond, LayTuan Tan, in coordinating Kamil's visit as well as the accommodations they have arranged for him locally in Fullerton.