We say goodbye to nine Physics majors and 11 Masters candidates, the department's biggest masters graduating class ever.

Graduating classGraduating class

Physics Majors: Kevin Negron, Jack Phan, James Hasler, Sewit Jemal, Brian Saipramuk, Joshua Fioretto, Cristian Navarro, Robert Wright, Joseph Shamblin (minor)

Masters candidates: Evan Foley, Gabriel Islas, April Hankins, Ivan Ozaeta Hernandez, Ryan Hill, Linda Leonard, Kenneth Varela, Abhishek Desai, Gary Uppal, Alessandro Monteros, Stephen McMillan

We much enjoyed meeting family and friends at our reception in the grad room after the ceremony. Thank you Physics Club!

We're going to miss you all, you have been great TAs and your students will miss you, too. 

Please stay in touch!

Graduation partyGraduation party