Leigh's doctoral advisor, Prof. Michael Brunger, and his home institution of Flinders University have generously donated a working electron scattering experiment to help kick-start Leigh's new research program that he will be setting up at CSUF over coming months. 

Leigh visited Adelaide in June. The equipment will be shipped from Australia to the United States in the coming weeks.
Leigh and the department would like to express their gratitude to Michael and the staff at Flinders University, particularly Dr. Darryl Jones and Andrew Dunn (pictured) and Technical Services Supervisor Bill Drury for their generosity and help in coordinating the shipment of the equipment to CSUF. 
Shown in the photo are Dr. Darryl Jones (right), the postdoc who is helping coordinate the move (and an old buddy of Leigh's from his undergrad days), and Mr. Andrew Dunn (left, blue lab coat), who is the technician who ensured the equipment is in good working order and helped with the move. Dr. Jones will be visiting the department later this year. 
Thank you and please visit us soon!
Leigh instrumentLeigh instrument