Professor Birgit Lohmann spent the day visiting the department and laboratories of Leigh Hargreaves and Morty Khakoo. Birgit has a long and illustrious background in atomic and molecular collision science and was Leigh’s boss prior to his joining CSUF. Birgit was responsible for designing, building and operating the instrumentation which has been donated to CSUF and Leigh from Flinders University.

With a few recent (and minor) career adjustments, Birgit has become Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Provost) of the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia.  

Birgit's colloquium described her career as a physics researcher in electron ionization reactions, particularly as related to radiation dosage and therapy. She then shared some of the exciting science and technology she is helping to make happen at the University of the Sunshine Coast highlighted by their construction of a new $30M+ facility, the Engineering Learning Hub.

As its centerpiece, the facility will feature a new fully immersive virtual reality environment, CAVE2, developed by the Electronic Visualization Laboratories at the University of Illinois – Chicago. The immersive learning capabilities of this center will spearhead new frontiers in student instruction in engineering and sciences, amongst other fields.

Birgit, thank you for the visit!