Professor King is an active emeritus professor at The University of Manchester’s famous School of Physics and Astronomy

George has recently published a book on Vibrations and Waves (Wiley Publication, 2009) and is currently writing a book on Solar Energy, a timely topic he beautifully shared with us for the colloquium.  

George's career research focused on electron/photon-atom/molecule collisions using high resolution spectroscopy which he helped pioneer to study a variety of fundamental reaction processes. Over the years, George has worked at the Daresbury (UK) and the Berkeley (USA) Advance Light Sources to study two-electron photoionization, especially at low energy where three-body (electron-electron-ion) correlation effects dominate.

Morty, Greg, and Jim have known George and collaborated with him for years and often enjoyed his excellent and passionate talks on fundamental problems.

Thank you George for a great visit!

George and Morty 23 Nov 2014George and Morty 23 Nov 2014