This was the department's first invite to the Ducks' annual Scholastic Curriculum of Recreation & Education S.C.O.R.E event at the Honda Center.

This year's First Flight Field Trip welcomed over 16,000 elementary students grades 3-6 from over 160 area schools for a day of science and technology relevant to hockey. This year’s theme was “Build a Better Puck.”  

Our staff physicists Shovit Bhari and Steve Mahrley along with adjunct faculty Robert Utter and Physics Club president Jackie Cross organized the outing.

Along with other Physics Club members, they showed hands-on the key to a frictionless surface and how to make a hovering CD with balloon power analogous to a hockey puck the kids could keep. 

For over 3 hours, the group interacted with some 2000 kids.

Physics DVDPhysics DVD