Theoretical particle physicist and Fresno State Professor Doug Singleton visited GWPAC to discuss his research on Hawking radiation.

Hawking radiation is the process whereby a black hole emits light. This apparent violation of the idea that "nothing can escape a black hole" comes when one studies quantum fields in the curved space-time of a black-hole. In quantum mechanics one has the phenomenon of tunneling whereby a quantum particle can slip through barriers that are otherwise impenetrable in our everyday world. 

Doug's talk focused on Hawking/Unruh radiation as a quantum event whereby particles tunnel across the black-hole event horizon. This method of calculating Hawking radiation is easy to apply to almost any space-time while allowing one to take into account other critical effects. Doug published this theoretical research in a form suitable for undergrad audiences in the prestigious American Journal of Physics in collaboration with one of his students and one of several visiting Fullbright colleagues. He has published a more advanced version of this research with another student in the equally prestigious Physical Review Letters

Thank you Doug for a great visit!