Dr. Passante will be joining the department this summer from her current position at the University of Washington where she has focused on education research in student understanding of quantum mechanics.

Gina completed her PhD in 2012 at the University of Waterloo in the area of quantum computing investigating quantum entanglement as a computing resource with NMR technology. She also holds a certificate of advanced studies in mathematics from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Her current research in the Physics Education Group at UDub focuses on student thinking while learning quantum mechanics with the goal of developing curriculum based on real-world student difficulties. The resulting tutorials she has helped to develop are currently being tested at pilot sites in three countries.

The department is looking forward to having Gina bring her expertise to our upper-division and graduate curriculum while expanding her research efforts. In addition, Gina will collaborate closely with Mike Loverude and our Catalyst Center for the advancement of research in teaching and learning math and science. 

Welcome aboard Gina!