The department participated again in the Anaheim Duck’s annual S.C.O.R.E event at the Honda Center.

Bobby with kids

Staff physicists Shovit Bhari and Robert Wright along with Physics Club President Mikayla Mays and physics majors Grant Dolmat and Todd Yeakley set up shop again for some 3000 kids from schools around the basin. 

Shovit with kidsThey set up copper and steel plates to demonstrate how the chemical energy of the body converts into electrical energy. When a person places their hands on a copper-steel pair of metal plates, the effect works like a battery and produces almost half the voltage of a AA battery. 

Connecting 20-30 kids in series with the help of copper and steel rods boosts the voltage of this human-chain battery. They were able to produce about 24 Volts equivalent to 16 AA batteries. 

Thanks everyone for making this event a big success!

Bobby with kids