Jim Feagin, Professor and Chair of the department of physics, was recently awarded renewed funding from the Department of Energy for his proposal “Quantum Correlated Multi-Fragment Reaction Imaging.” 

With this award, Jim’s research has been supported by the DOE's Basic Energy Sciences since 1986, more than 30 years!Jim joined the department in August 1984. His research has covered many areas, but focuses on atomic and molecular collision science and work to extract basic understanding and quantum control of few-body microscopic systems based on a long-time experience with more conventional studies of correlated electrons and ions. 

Jim Feagin photo

Jim’s career accomplishments are outstanding. He has authored over 60 journal articles and the textbook Quantum Methods with Mathematica. In 1998, he was named a Fellow of The American Physical Society, “For advancements towards understanding the dynamical symmetries of the few-body Coulomb problem, particularly of low-energy bound and continuum electron pairs.” Much of Jim’s research has been in collaboration with his colleague John Briggs. Jim spent several years at the Universität Freiburg in Germany in 1980-82 as a Humboldt Fellow and again in 1990-91 for a sabbatical. Briggs and Feagin continue to be a powerhouse team decades later, having published four articles together in the past three years. 

This award will fund research toward moving beyond the one-particle, single-port-momentum detection that has dominated collision physics since Rutherford by upgrading theoretical tools to incorporate more generalized measurement formalisms and ultimately to give incentive for a new generation of experiments.

Congratulations on your continued funding and research success Jim!