Wylie joins the department this fall and has begun building his biophysics laboratory to study non-equilibrium mechanics of living cells.

Research assistants Danielle Posey and Corbyn Jones.


Dr. Ahmed received BS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana and has just finished a three-year postdoctoral Marie Curie Actions Fellowship in nonequilibrium biophysics at the renowned Curie Institute in Paris, France.

Wylie's research interests involve understanding how living cells adapt and modify their physical properties to facilitate their function.


During his PhD, Wylie developed a polymer stretching system to investigate the response of living cells to mechanical strain via state-of-the-art particle imaging and tracking within cells. He applied engineering techniques to characterize the cell response and used statistical physics to quantify active transport in neurons.

His current research continues to develop bionanotechnology using cellular-level, real-time imaging and optical tweezing to characterize the physics of soft and active matter. Even before moving to Fullerton from Paris this July, Wylie began to recruit students into his research and to establish professional ties with faculty in other departments across the college.

Wylie with his wife Sofie Leon

Wylie is married to Sofie Leon, whom he met in grad school. Sofie has a PhD in civil engineering from Urbana.
The Physics department is delighted to welcome its newest and 14th member—a new record of full-time research faculty.



Homepage photo courtesy of this year's New Faculty Welcome Event.