For the 3rd consecutive year, staff Physicists Shovit Bhari and Robert Wright along with students Todd Yeakley and Matthew Jackson awed and entertained some 4000 kids for almost 3 hours.

Bobby works his magic after Shovit (home page photo)

This is the Anaheim Duck’s annual S.C.O.R.E Event that took place March 6. The team's efforts were highlighted in a Fox Sports video—check them out around the 1:10 min mark.

One of the most popular demos among the crowd was freezing an inflated balloon. Air in the balloon compresses when dipped inside a flask filled with liquid nitrogen and the balloon shrinks to empty. When the balloon is removed from the flask and exposed to the outside air the frozen air inside the balloon expands and the balloon fills again. In addition, they froze grapes, roses and water bottles that students could shatter.

This year’s First Flight Field Trip event was themed “Cool like ice” where elementary students from schools around the basin participated. For the first half students went around different booths set up by local companies and colleges to explore a variety of science activities. Later, they were shown how the hockey rink ice is made at the Honda Center by the Anaheim Duck athletes and their engineers. In addition, Ducks athletes entertained the crown with different events that involved hockey skills. The team was accompanied by Shovit’s wife Sony Bhari and their friend Sujata Gorkhali.

Thanks guys for another great event!