Shovit Bhari mobilizes our biggest astronomy viewing event ever!

Eclipse viewing

Over a thousand visitors from across campus and the local community stopped by the south lawn of Dan Black Hall Monday morning to enjoy the view from several of our telescopes along with a live feed from Wyoming of the solar eclipse of the decade

Shovit organized the occasion with big help from Bobby Wright, Steve Karl, Jocelyn Read, Geoffrey Lovelace, and Josh Smith.

Students Kristen Rigsby and Todd Yeakley helped setup and engineer the event.

Geoffrey aligning his telescope for the masses! Josh in the background.

Steve and Geoffrey contributed their own telescopes and personal expertise throughout the event. There was no shortage of astronomers for the day—just a shortage of eclipse viewing glasses, which we gave away while supplies lasted. Jocelyn with the help of department coordinator Veronica organized and handed out several hundred pairs of index-card pinhole cameras after we ran out of the glasses!

Matt in ShoshoniShovit travelled with his family and student Matthew Jackson to Shoshoni, Wyoming to be in the path of totality with his telescopes and instruments to transmit the live feed back to the campus event. They had 2.5+ minutes of awesome totality (check out the video near the 1:53 mark)!


Thank you all for help making this a historic event! Thank you Matt Gush for your contributing photos!

Almost there!

Shovit's setup in darkness in Shoshoni near full eclipse