Kip Thorne (Caltech) shares the prize with Rainer Weiss (MIT) and Barry Barish (Caltech) for their foundational and longtime contributions to LIGO.

Our very own GWPAC scientists Josh Smith, Jocelyn Read, Geoffrey Lovelace, Marissa Walker, Joe Areeda, and their students contributed to the first gravitational-wave detection last year, which paved the way for this year's Nobel Prize selection.

Josh served as one of the primary editors for last year’s Physical Review Letters announcement, which included over 1000 LIGO coauthors from over 20 countries.

Kip Thorne was Geoffrey’s PhD advisor at Caltech and gave the keynote address for our inaugural celebration of GWPAC in 2012.

The detections with LIGO open new directions in astronomy for probing the outer limits of the universe—a landmark achievement in the history of science given Einstein predicted these unimaginably small undulations in space-time over 100 years ago.

The department congratulates the students, faculty, and staff of GWPAC along with Professors Weiss, Thorne, and Barish!